Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Hi, this is John. Susan and I have been very busy with CCFA volunteering lately. This time of year there are several fundraising events and we try and support each of them by volunteering, making signs, and covering the Mission & Advocacy booth at the Baltimore Take Steps walk.

We attended our first IBD Day on the Hill in Washington DC this year, and although Johnny didn't get a chance to talk to a representative, we did handle all of the registration for the two day event and attended the dinner which was very nice.

The Baltimore walk went well, taking in over $150,000.00 and surpassing it's goal by a huge margin.

Now that the fundraising season is over for us for this year, I'll have more time to post some of my Dad's art. You may also notice that some of the images were "broken". I have no idea why, but I promise to fix that soon.